Focus on Soybeans

Focus on Soybeans: New seed varieties searchable on our website

Better Farming’s annual publication of a list of new soybean varieties is another sign that spring is coming. For the second year, these varieties will be available to growers via our website at . Look for a link on the right side of the web page. This link will lead to a page that is searchable by maturity range, company, special traits and also by hilum colour.

The size of the seed will not be searchable as it is not reported in a consistent manner by the companies that are marketing the seed. Some describe the seed size as small, medium or large, while others report size by number of seeds per kilogram or by pound.

Focus on Soybeans: Welcome to our new Internet listing of new soybean varieties

Long-time readers will be familiar with Better Farming’s annual listing list of new soybean varieties. In 2009, for the first time we are publishing the list, developed by our editorial staff, on our website in a searchable form.

Go to and look for a link to the listing on the right hand side.

Readers can search for new varieties by: maturity range, as indicated by appropriate corn heat units; name of the variety; the company marketing it; by special traits; and also by hilum colour.