Canadian Cattlemen's Association

Farm bill fallout

There were some tense moments but by the end of last month, U.S. politicians had essentially given the green light to their massive Farm Bill – overriding their president’s decision to veto the law. And as the dust settles, two industry analysts on this side of the border confirm its contents could have a profound effect on Canadian producers.

Cutting sow numbers part of federal plan to help red meat producers

Like hundreds of other pork producers in Ontario, Cameron McLean, president of the Kent Pork Producers, is feeling the impact of what the pork industry has dubbed “the perfect storm:” a soaring loonie, escalating feed costs and plummeting hog prices. Reached the day after a major federal announcement, the 200-sow weaner operator, and 25-year veteran of the industry, also has questions about how the measures will be administered.