Ontario Pork

Update: Embattled pork producers await go ahead on federal sow cull

Pork producers taking part in the federal sow cull program are required to keep breeding stock out of a barn for three years. However, they can use the barn as a nursery or as a feeding facility during that time period, the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) has confirmed.

It will take about another week before the federally mandated culling of sows can actually begin in Ontario says a member of a provincial committee organizing the program’s logistics.

Livestock producers prepare for COOL

LONDON — A country of origin labeling law that has been on the books in the U.S. since 2002 but stalled as the country’s politicians figure out just how to implement it will likely come into effect this fall. But Mark McConnell, a trade lawyer representing the interests of Ontario’s swine producers on the issue, predicts some sort of transition period or moratorium on enforcement will be introduced. The intervention would allow the U.S. livestock industry to adjust and, in the process, soften the blow on Canadian producers during the law’s first few months of existence.