Update: Embattled pork producers await go ahead on federal sow cull

Pork producers taking part in the federal sow cull program are required to keep breeding stock out of a barn for three years. However, they can use the barn as a nursery or as a feeding facility during that time period, the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) has confirmed.

It will take about another week before the federally mandated culling of sows can actually begin in Ontario says a member of a provincial committee organizing the program’s logistics.

Sow culling program draws questions from producers and deadstock haulers alike

Ottawa - Paying pork producers to bury their sows or send them for dog food may be the latest sign that the industry is in uncharted territory. Details are sketchy on the newly announced federal Cull Breeding Swine Program, save that entire barns must be liquidated, stay empty for three years and no cull sows are to enter the human food chain.

CPC president maintains hope for battered hog market

LONDON — Ontario pork producers, in the midst of what many are calling a “perfect storm” are trying to determine if this is a “normal” low in the traditional hog cycle or part of something more threatening. With another dismal year predicted, individual producers must decide whether to stick it out in the hope that eventual higher prices will make up the difference or cut their losses now.