Better Farming Ontario | November 2023

38 Ate Today?Thank a Farmer. Better Farming | November 2023 Field Trip For almost 70 years, the Van Osch family of Crediton has made farming their priority. What was initially a 100-acre mixed farm has today expanded to over 10,000 acres and 11,000 nishing head of cattle, thanks to the careful and conscious choices of three generations. Better Farming recently spoke with Brendon and Kurt, part of the ownership team, to learn more about how the family is working toward the further development of the farm for the fourth generation. “We grew up surrounded by the farm – it’s where we always knew we would come home to,” explains Brendon Van Osch. “We watched our dads grow and expand, and so when we stepped into larger roles about a decade ago, we really wanted to focus on the e ciencies of each area. “Crops and cattle are so precise. We wanted to learn how we can maximize each area, while making choices that would be sustainable for the future,” he says. Brendon shares that bringing in consultants was one of the best choices they’ve made, o ering knowledge and expertise to help guide the business forward. “Whether it be crops or cows, having an open mind and working to improve each step of the operation really lets us not only become more e cient with our time and protocols, but allows us to enjoy our families and life outside the farm, which sometimes gets overlooked,” says Kurt Van Osch. Continuing to improve their management, a new 4,000head barn was completed in 2021, adding best processing practices and animal welfare standards. e cousins share that viewing the farm as a business, ‘WE ALWAYS OUTPERFORM THE VAN OSCH FAMILY FOCUS BY COLLEEN The Van Osch Family: Shelley, Fred, Mac, Brendon, Michelle, Coleson, Jaron, Larissa, Kade, Kurt, Gerald, and Carrie.