MANAGEMENT: Gestation sow housing – the debate continues

Instead of making decisions based largely on emotion, they should be based on sound science. And that suggests gestation stalls offer a number of advantages


Over the past year, there’s been much discussion about the gestation (dry sow) housing systems in use around the world. Already California has voted in legislation to stop the use of individual stalls for dry sows and also to restrict the housing methods for egg production. There was little scientific basis for this decision, which was largely based on emotion.

Herd Health: PCV2 dominates the IPVS 2008 conference in Durban

Some highlights from last June’s International Pig Veterinary Society Congress in South Africa last June, which attracted a record attendance and a proliferation of papers


Last June, the 20th IPVS (International Pig Veterinary Society) Congress was held in Durban, South Africa, the first time the IPVS has been on the African continent. The congress was a resounding success with many “firsts” and records to its name.
The total attendance of 2,146 from 52 countries was a record for an IPVS conference outside Europe. It is also the first time that attendance at an IPVS outside Europe has reached the 2,000 mark.