Pigeon King's interim receivership order stands, bankruptcy on hold

© Copyright AgMedia Inc At a hearing lasting less than five minutes Waterloo lawyer Steven Gadbois appeared before Insolvency Deputy Registrar Robert Stevens in London Superior court today to request time to consider the personal bankruptcy application brought against his client, Arlan Francis Galbraith, by BDO Dunwoody, bankruptcy trustee for Pigeon King International, the company Galbraith founded.

Updated 6:43 p.m. Wednesday Dec. 3, 2008

Interim receiver now controls everything Arlan Galbraith owns

They can enter his property, seize his money, house, or automobile and even redirect his mail. The court order appointing BDO Dunwoody Limited as interim receiver of Arlan Galbraith’s personal assets will likely even pit them against Canada Revenue agents who last week showed up at the office of the solicitor handling the sale of the former pigeon king’s Waterloo home and scooped up the proceeds.

Pigeon Ponzi could bring investor payback

No Canadian authorities have found anything wrong with Arlan Galbraith’s now- insolvent pigeon breeding scheme but that didn’t prevent four states from reining in the pigeon king, as he likes to be called, and now former growers and the professionals left to clean up Galbraith’s mess are left with more questions than answers. The biggest question: do some growers have to lose everything?