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Improving sow longevity

Industry experts recommend ways to maximize sow lifespans.

by Lauren Arva

As the industry moves toward group housing for sows, farmers and other industry reps continue their quest to improve sow productivity.

Smart technology may leave you dumbstruck

The swine industry continues to innovate and adopt new tech, which helps to streamline production, at an almost dizzying speed.

by Geoff Geddes

As night descends on the barn, a high-pitched squeal pierces the silence. Panic-stricken, a worker makes a frantic dash to the farrowing room. The noise is one he knows only too well: the sound of a life draining away from another crushed piglet.

Barging through the door, the worker grits his teeth, sucks up his courage and peers into the pen to find the poor, defenceless animal … fast asleep.