Custom Publishing Solutions


Why Custom Publishing?


While traditional advertising methods can convey one or two simple messages to a broad audience, custom publishing delivers more complex messages – about your company, your products, and your brand.

Today’s custom publications can be as small as a four-page newsletter or as big and bold as a 120-page brand magazine. And they work as well for swine genetics companies as they do for agricultural industry organizations.

Through its flagship magazines Better Farming and Better Pork, AgMedia has a record of producing high-end publications crafted by people who genuinely love both farming and magazine publishing.

If you want to build a bridge to your clients, customers or constituents, then look to AgMedia to create your custom publication.

AgMedia can produce a magazine specifically tied to the marketing objectives of your agricultural company or association. With a virtually unlimited array of internal and external resources, AgMedia integrates high-quality editorial and award-winning graphic design to produce a communication vehicle that makes an impact with your target audience.

Our project managers are publishing and marketing professionals who simplify the process of magazine publishing. We work with you to ensure the right message gets delivered to the right reader.

Also, AgMedia offers advertising sales support for magazines where advertising makes sense to offset the costs of producing the publication.

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