Dig Deep

How to beef up your feed supplies

While cattle will generally steer away from toxic weeds, livestock can be poisoned by grazing on certain plants or eating contaminated feed

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Time for training: the new transport rules are here

Trucking and transportation in Picture Butte, Alta.

by Nicholas Van Allen

To get a national perspective on the new livestock trucking regulations, Better Farming spoke with Rick Paskal, president of Van Raay Paskal Farms Ltd., a cattle farm based in southern Alberta.

Investing in mental health on and off the farm

Ag mental health advocate shares her thoughts on the best ways to manage farm work and personal activities

By Lauren Arva
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Is maintaining a work-life balance different than a life balance?

For Lesley Kelly, co-founder of the Do More Agriculture Foundation and a grain farmer from Watrous, Sask., an important distinction exists.

Supply-managed sectors look to future

The World Trade Organization wants to eliminate ag export subsidies

By Jim Algie
Better Farming

Just when you thought all the trade talk had ended, along comes the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) decision to revive long-stalled talks about agriculture.

Growing to new heights

Innovative user-friendly technology makes it simple for growers – including those with small-scale operations – to monitor plant health

By Lauren Arva

Monitoring indoor crops could become a lot easier for producers, thanks to technological advances in the ag industry.