Less waste, more resources

Biofertilizers offer range of nutrients for land application

By Kaitlynn Anderson

With the Waste-Free Ontario Act underway, farmers could see more biofertilizers, such as LysteGro, being used across the province.

LysteGro, manufactured by Lystek, “is registered as a fertilizer with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and is currently utilized by farmers throughout Ontario as a commercial fertilizer replacement,” said Mike Dougherty, director of product management for Lystek International Inc.

Due to the high concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the product, LysteGro has become a popular product among Ontario producers, Dougherty said.

The product also other nutrients, such as sulphur, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

“Approximately 75 per cent of the total nitrogen (available) in LysteGro is in the organic form, which is released slowly through mineralization and transformed into plant-available inorganic forms throughout the season as the crop needs it,” said Dougherty.

“There is a similar relationship with phosphorus, where it will be released slowly over the years following application, allowing the farmers to build (up nutrients in the soil) over the long term.”

In addition to providing nutrients, the biofertilizer also provides organic matter to improve soil health.

And farmers want to reap these benefits.

Soil in Hands

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“Demand for the product is increasing all the time, despite price increases,” said Dougherty. “The feedback has been very positive.”

With more waste being diverted from landfills under the Waste-Free Ontario Act, Dougherty believes Lystek will experience further growth.

“This (legislation) will benefit Ontario producers, as there is a growing demand for organic amendments of every kind as soil health becomes a greater focus for many farmers,” he said. BF

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