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Late nitrogen applications: A strategic advantage?

Modern farm equipment adds flexibility when applying nitrogen on corn.

By Jackie Clark

The prevalence of high-clearance machinery is expanding producers’ options for corn management. Nitrogen (N) fertility is one aspect that growers and researchers alike strive to optimize.

Superhighway Strife

As opposition to the proposed Highway 413 grows, farmers in the area are left in limbo.

By Jackie Clark

Urban sprawl into rural areas is happening around many city centres across Ontario, but perhaps nowhere so intensively as northwest of Toronto. This is the site of the proposed GTA West (GTAW) Transportation Corridor Route, and potential route for Highway 413.

Weed management strategies for your farm

Herbicide-resistant weeds can have devastating effects on crop production. Experts provide tips on how to reduce selection pressures for resistance.

by Kate Ayers

Herbicide resistance has increased exponentially across the globe over the last four decades.

In fact, “resistance has been found in 263 species worldwide. That covers 23 of the 26 known herbicide sites of action. So, resistance is pretty wide-spread,” explains Dr. Charles Geddes.

Under Pressure

Even if you may not see visual indications, soil compaction could be crushing your crop yield

by Jackie Clark

“In places like western Europe, there are soil compaction maps and national programs. It’s really taken very seriously over there,” Dr. Dan Reynolds, a soil scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada based at the Harrow Research and Development Centre, tells Better Farming.

Power Imbalance in Canada’s Food Chain

Are supplier fee hikes the latest example of how retailers hold all the cards in this high-volume, low-margin business?

by Jackie Clark

Canada’s food industry is vast and vibrant: from the farmers who grow ingredients, to processors who add value, to the retailers who sell to consumers. These key players rely on each other to deliver a variety of safe and nutritious food to Canadians. So, what happens when relationships between these players become unbalanced?

Planting Ahead

Farmers across the province provide insight into their planting plans and decision-making processes.

by Kate Ayers

Planting season can be a stressful, yet exciting time of year. Equipment will soon start to roll, bringing new opportunity to innovate and improve.

This month, Better Farming speaks with cash crop producers to learn about the crops they are planting, their equipment and seed choices, and how their decision-making processes have changed over the years.

Revisiting the bioindustrial economy

Where are we at, and what is Ontario’s ag’s role?

by Jim Algie

In July 2019, Quebec Superior Court Justice Michel Pinsonnault signed off on the distribution of Canadian assets belonging to an insolvent U.S.-based company called BioAmber Inc.

One family’s covid-19 story

Ross Lunn was in a coma and on a ventilator for 41 days over planting season. By harvest, he was back in the tractor.

by Jackie Clark

Though big cities have been the major hotbeds for COVID-19 infections and outbreaks, the virus has touched the lives of those in the rural, agricultural community as well.

How to save our rural third places

Planners, farm leaders and educators discuss ways to revive these community anchors and places of social engagement during turbulent times.

by Kate Ayers

Farm life is known for its strong ties to and close relations with neighbours, friends, and colleagues.