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Help Wanted: Finding Good Workers for the Farm

The industry faces a significant labour shortage, so set yourself up for success by using strong employee hiring and retention strategies.

by Michelle Jones

Humphrey Banack, a farmer in the Round Hill, Alta., area, is fortunate to have three teenage nephews who help on the farm. However, he’s scaling down over 1,000 acres for the 2020 growing season because he can’t find enough workers.

Prairie farmers & RCMP tackle rural crime

Rural stakeholders unite – in person and online – to prevent thefts, break-ins and vandalism.

by Michelle Jones

“You used to leave your equipment in the field when you were done for the day. … (Now), you come back to it in the morning to (find) the windows smashed out of it or the toolboxes stolen,” says Bruce Galbraith, rural crime watch coordinator for the rural municipality of Rosser, Man.

Smart technology: buy in or move over

Industry representatives share their insights on the benefits that new tools offer for tracking costs and simplifying workloads.

by Geoff Geddes

Interest is heating up in the brave new world of smart technology, so trying to take a pass on progress is like opting out of winter.

For farmers who are undecided about this technology, the choice is clear: embrace it or risk being left in the cold.