Unlocking the growth of Ontario’s local food sector

by Jim Algie

Systemic barriers remain to the full development of Ontario’s local food potential, several observers say.

Barriers highlighted during a series of recent Better Farming interviews include: challenges of access to capital, lack of co-ordinated distribution and the centralized purchasing habits of large, institutional food buyers such as hospitals.

DIY precision ag projects can improve operation efficiency. Asking questions and starting small can help get producers started.

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Producers can take lead roles in digitizing and automating their operations, thanks to the introduction of open source software into the ag industry and the sophistication of electronic devices.

Weighing the data on direct marketing in Ontario

by Jim Algie

Among all Canadian provinces, Ontario had the largest number of farms reporting direct marketing, the 2016 census of agriculture said.

A total of 7,474 Ontario farms sold directly to consumers through such methods as farm gate stands, farmers markets and you-pick enterprises, Statistics Canada’s June 2017 “Growing Opportunity Through Innovation in Agriculture” article said.

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