Is the controversial cap to blame for a shortage of quota offered for sale?

Yes, say some dairy farmers, who feel it is limiting their ability to expand. Not so, say others, who feel that there are different reasons for the lack of quota coming on the market


Simcoe County farmer Robert Wright started planning a new dairy in 2008 and began milking in the new barn on March 30. His business plan called for the purchase 
of 10 kilograms of quota at a time to bring his herd up to the new barn’s 140-cow capacity.   

But eight months later, a frustrated Robert Wright is still milking only 60 cows. The reason? He can’t buy the quota to fill up his barn and he blames the milk marketing board’s cap on quota prices, introduced Feb. 24 of this year. He says it discourages farmers from selling.

Better Farming – November 2010