Cover Story: When one bale too many caused tragedy

When a bale slipped off a loader and fell onto the hapless operator, it left him partly paralyzed. It’s the type of accident that happens all too often, says the local fire chief


The accident merited a terse report in a policeman’s notebook and three paragraphs in the local newspaper. It left a young man’s life changed forever, and a deputy fire chief shaking his head in wonderment.

The police report describes how officers responded to a report of a farm accident on the 8th Line of Mapleton Township in Wellington County on Feb. 1, at 12:40 p.m. A 32-year old farmer, Doug Webber, had been found by his wife paralyzed on his loader-tractor seat nearly two hours after a large square bale of straw fell on him.

Better Farming - April 2008