Crop Scene Investigation – 17: Bruce’s dilemma: Replant after frost damage or hope for the best?


Early planting gives growers a great opportunity to maximize yields and get a head start on the growing season, but it can also put the young crop at risk of setbacks. My phone is always ringing in spring as I help growers through these challenges.

“My corn is brown and droopy,” said Bruce, on the phone from his Lambton County farm on May 14. The crop was planted early and had reached the three-to-four leaf stage. “We’ve had some pretty cold nights, so I’m thinking it’s frost damage, but I’d like your opinion.”

I agreed to go and take a look. On the way to the field, I considered the other possible problems. Herbicide drift or carryover could result in similar leaf symptoms.
“Why are you so sure it’s frost?”

Better Farming - March 2009