CROP SCENE INVESTIGATION – 35: What happened to Nevin’s soybean seed?


When Nevin moved to Canada in the fall of 2010, DeKalb field agronomist Sean Cochrane was happy to lend a helping hand.

Nevin had farmed in Europe and the committed no-tiller was eager to continue the practice on the four farms he had bought in the Pontiac region on the Quebec side of the Ottawa river. But, as Nevin quickly discovered, setting up a farming operation on such short notice presents challenges. And 2011 spring planting conditions – some of the worst in recent memory – didn’t help.

“He was in a tough spot,” explains Cochrane. Nevin had bought his equipment off the Internet sight unseen. And, while it was listed as “field ready,” it had some significant problems that needed to be addressed prior to planting.

Better Farming - December 2011