CROP SCENE INVESTIGATION – 9: What had been feasting on Matt’s corn roots?


Crime suspects don’t hang around the scene waiting to get caught. The same is true of some yield-robbing pests. They often flee without detection, but that doesn’t mean the trail of evidence has gone cold.

Things were heating up for an Elgin County grower early last summer after he noticed some damage in his cornfield. “I don’t like what I’m seeing in one of my fields,” said Matt. It was mid-June and he had just finished spraying his six-leaf corn. As he covered the ground with the sprayer, he had a good look at his crop. “There are some spots without any corn and, in some cases, plants have emerged, but they look wilted.”

This problem could be due to any number of things and I’d need to get into the field to investigate.

Better Farming February 2008