Crops:The Lynch File - What lay behind those 300-bushels-an-acre yields – and can we repeat them?

To get consistently high yields, we must be able to irrigate. Till then, we will need hybrids with good root systems


“So, Doug, how is the corn harvest going?”

“Well, I have seen something I never saw before,” Doug replied.

“The combine monitor hit 300 bushels per acre in spots in a couple of farms.”

Doug was not the only one making those comments this fall. In 1991, we had growers who hit 200 bushels per acre in spots just like growers did in 2008. For years, many thought we would not see yields like those in 1991. Of course, in the last two years individual growers have indeed averaged 200 bushels an acre on their farms.

Better Farming - January 2009