Dairy: Dairy farmers get a $1.45 price increase for industrial milk

It’s about half what Dairy Farmers of Ontario wanted, but restaurant owners say even that is too much


Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) got about half of the milk price increase it wanted to cover skyrocketing costs.

In June, DFC made a special request to the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) for an immediate $3.50 a hectolitre increase for industrial milk to help cover farmers’ costs for fuel, feed and other inputs.

Instead, starting Sept. 1, farmers will get an additional $1.45 per hectolitre for the milk they ship that is used to make processed products such as butter, cheese and yogurt. This amounts to a blend price increase for farmers in eastern Canada of an additional
93 cents per hectolitre for all milk they ship.

Better Farming - August/September 2008