Focus on the Environment: Goderich - small town with a sewage system that works

Located on Lake Huron and dependent upon tourism, this town of 8,000 grappled with its thorny sewage bypass problems years ago. And residents have bought in


Huron County’s largest town treats its sewage seriously. Goderich, population 7,500 and perched on the edge of Lake Huron, has an $8 million budget and spends about $2 million a year on water and sewage.

“I have always striven to make sure there was enough money to keep up with technology,” says Delbert (Deb) Shewfelt, who has served as mayor of Goderich for 18 years, though he notes that, politically, water and sewage “isn’t very sexy. You get a lot more mileage building a new arena.”

Better Farming - October 2009