Honeymoons of a bygone age

Whether it was in a Model T Ford or in a bus and 25 years late, honeymoons in earlier decades were no less memorable for that


Andrew Wilson was a 29-year-old Grey County farmer in 1924 when he married Annie Butchart. They headed for Canada’s “Honeymoon Capital,” Niagara Falls, in Andrew’s 1918 Model T Ford.

“The roads at that time were all gravel and the speed limit was 30 m.p.h.,” Andrew wrote in his memoirs.

The first night they stayed in Vineland with Annie’s brother, who had a 10-acre peach orchard.

“The next day we continued on our trip to Niagara Falls. There was very little trouble parking a car at Niagara Falls because, at that time, cars were scarce.

Better Farming - February 2011