Producing more pork and eating less

Changes in pork production and consumption in Ontario point to the success of our industry’s exports


In 2011, Ontario’s annual total pig production (hogs processed in Canada plus live pig exports to the United States) was estimated to be 6.1 million head or 117,000 per week from an average sow inventory of 343,000. It is interesting that these figures are similar to where the industry was at in 2000. However, between 2000 and 2011 industry trends have changed.

In 2000, per capita pork consumption on a carcass weight basis was 28.69 kg per person. The average market hog carcass weight was 88.4 kg. In 2011, per capita consumption had dropped to 20.8 kg while the average market hog carcass weight had increased to 96.3 kg.

Better Pork - August 2012