Sidebar 3: Doing the maintenance is important

Fergus dairy farmer Keith Burns, featured in the March 2006 issue of Better Farming, had a used Lagerwey turbine installed on his farm by John Hogg in 2004 and says that it is working well. He heard about the problems Rob Krijnen has had with turbines. His advice: Don’t try to do it on the cheap.

Waterloo-based Free Breeze Energy Systems Ltd. has been picking up a lot of Green Breeze’s customers, says owner John Hogg. “We have the expertise; we have the manpower.”

Hogg recommends that farmers find out how many installations a company has done and get references. Hogg says he will share the names of clients with the client’s permission.

“There is a lot of good equipment out there. If it is not maintained, it will fall apart on you.”

Better Farming - JuneJuly 2009