Use thread lockers to keep those parts bolted together

Whenever you have a mechanical situation with a bolt or nut you want to stay put, these handy retaining compounds will do the job for you

by Keith Berglind

“A little drop will do you” is the best way to describe the work of a thread locker chemical.

The common thread locker that most mechanics work with is Loctite. Yes, this is a brand name, but for many of us it is an industry standard word (used like the word Kleenex), so when I ask for Loctite, I want a chemical thread locker. Just ask your parts supplier what brand they stock.

Almost identical to thread lockers are the retaining compounds used when a tighter fit is needed with non-threaded jobs, such as splines, keyways and press-fitted shafts and bearings.

Better Farming - December 2008