5-year agreement to resurrect former Heinz plant

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A plant which was once competitive, became a high-cost plant - it got closed and sold to someone who is going to run it more-effectively, and more-efficiently.

More to the point, when Heinz can't lower their cost-of-production, Canco will - and this lesson that nobody cares about your cost of production, is a lesson which sorely-needs to be learned by the rest of Canadian agriculture.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

They don't mention anything here about Canada's law insisting tomato juice be extracted from "sound, ripe,whole" tomatoes instead of paste,a higher standard than in the US were they use a concentrated paste.

It sounds like that is the real reason for the Plant re-opening.

The tomato's are sprayed with ethral a couple of weeks before maturity to kill plants and allow all fruit to be mechanically harvested at the same time....I hope new owners are just fair with both growers and employees

That's all fine but without new owners there are no growers or employees.Lets hope the Union demands don't ruin something before it even gets started !

Don't blame the unions. Heinz was a willing partner in driving up costs.

Perhaps the bigger problem is Warren Buffet and 3G who want to squeeze the snot out of this plant; the hell with the middle class....we've gotta make our profits and be damned the workers.

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Why is there still a Heinz office in Leamington if they in theory have sold the plant and moved on? Is Heinz still calling the shots? And how can an operation that didn't even exist suddenly take on such a huge operation? Is this still a Heinz plant just with a different name on the cover?

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