Agriculture ministry should enforce farm animal welfare says MPP

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‘There’s quite a conflict there,' says Jack MacLaren, Ontario MPP representing Carleton-Mississippi of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a charity, being in charge of animal welfare enforcement


Yes we absolutely need to fix the OSPCA. We Canadians like to think we are better than a lot of countries, pointing fingers at police corruption in places like Mexico, Venezuela and so on. As the old saying goes people living in glass houses should not throw stones. Presently, with the OSPCA, we have a totally unaccountable private police force operating in Ontario. Many MPP's still do not seem to understand that the OSPCA does not answer to anyone, is not under the juristiction of the Ombudsman or is subject to the Freedom of Information Act because they are a private independent organization. Unfortunately for Ontarians this private organization has been given the same power as the police and more when it comes to animals. Yes they can lay criminal charges, write orders, seize animals, make the opinion of an inspector the law and are legally allowed to fund enforcement activities with the sale of seized animals and charged costs of seizing, boarding etc from the accused animal owner. The present OSPCA Act is a recipe for corruption. I truly believe that the existance of a private, unaccountable police force pushing and enforcing their own private agenda is a Provincial if not even an international embarrassment. It's time that all Farmers, not just those that own livestock, and anyone that calls themselves a Canadian actively support Bill 37 to stop the private police force of the OSPCA. For any MPP that is going to vote no to Bill 37, how are you going to explain that you think it is okay to have a police force that is not under the control of the legislature? If this concept is extended to the Provincial Police we will be living in a Police State. This is why I think it is so important to support Bill 37. Fred Probst

Mr. Probst: I heard a Ms. Liz Marshall on a radio show. (I believe it was last year) She was introduced by the host as the "foremost expert" on land patents. She was assisted by a lawyer, of which his name escapes me, and they entertained questions from the audience.

The question that needs to be asked, or even challenged in court is: where is the warrant require for allow the OSPCA to enter farm properties?

Most farm properties have a registered "fiat" against the lands. It allows specified "persons" the Sovereign right to enter the premises under prescribed conditions and prescribed times. A fiat could be called a "warrant". It is this document that allows OMAFRA to extend powers to the corporations formed under OFPMC, to enter properties. But.... by all means... correct me if this information is inaccurate.

While the Province may pass any law it wishes, such as allowing groups like the OSPCA to give it "legal" access to entry, does it make it a lawfully entry without a new physical "warrant"? Do the "fiats" registered against farmlands allow the Province to extend Constitutional authority to any one to enter any farm property without a warrant?

As Ms. Marshall is the "foremost expert" on land patents, she should be able to assist you in this regard as the fiats are pre-conditional documents to the land patents.

joann vergeer

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