Ban sow stalls says NFU

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The National Farmers Union plans to lobby provincial and federal governments to eliminate the practice


i have supported nfu since they became accredited in ontario, agree with most of their positions and disagree with a few others. however this resolution just insured that they will never see another membership fee from me or many other pork producers. This organization has been kidnapped by idealist backward thinking people. so long NFU.

What does it NFU stand for PORK or PETA? Great to have a group of people like that behind the farmers.

I try too rotate FBR with the 3 accredited farm organizations but after this and reading better pork I will never support NFU again. They are drinking the PETA kool aid and think banning stalls will bring back small family swine farms . disgusted-kg kimball

NFU has seen the light and is following the progressive industries of Europe. Congratulations! Too bad for those who think consumers won't want to pay more for a better product. You're missing out.

Look at the shape of Europe , it has to tell you something about the people running the place. They say eat lettuce not meat. Let your pigs run wild and let the neighbours raise them. Too many people like to tell other people what to do ,that likely never seen a live pig .

No way will over 1% pay more for a "old school , non-vaccinated pigs fed questionable feed" See that CBC show a month ago when guy had black berkshire at Grey cty, abbatoir and it was a chunk of fat and loaded in pick up and unloaded at plant by farmer dragging it off b y its ears? Being CQA , TQA accredited I would take healthy,properly fed and inspected meat from the major packers any day before those pigs laying in a mud hole in winter getting there tails or teats frozen off. Farm they showed on the program running sows and little pigs outside in summer should show them to-day in the blizzard. Check what happened in UK with all there regs.?

yet when we put consumers in cages, and call it supply management, the NFU falls all over themselves to claim it's wonderful.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Are you for the farmers or the consumers? You cannot knack the farmers that want too make a living off farming and not let the big companies take everything they make. The consumers do deserves to pay a fair price for the food they buy in the store, but the farmers deserves to make a living just as well.

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