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Make the us bee seller provide a one billion $ bond to protect the bee owners in Canada.

Maybe the Ontario bee keepers need to clean up their own act first rather than blame their problems on something else ! No one else seems to be having a problem .

Apparently you are completely unaware that Ontario has had a rigorous pest-and pathogen resistant breeding programme for decades, which the U.S. is only just now beginning to emulate, and has set and maintained the North American benchmark for hygienic honey bees.

I must disagree that "no one else" is having a problem. Migratory beekeeping and importation of bees both spread bee disease. The crisis in bee health affects even other species of essential (wild) pollinators and the problem is now global.

Just curious, but have to wonder if anyone has somehow informed the U.S. bees near our border that Canada has a "No Fly Zone" for U.S. bees? In other words, what happens if a U.S. bee flys a little off course and parties with Canada bees?

The bee keepers are also having the same problems in many U.S. states.

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