Butter, skim milk powder support prices increase

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Canadian Dairy Commission cites farms’ rising input cost


The stores and restauraunts will charge what they want, its a free country to do that. The price that farmers get is well deserved what they get for what they do. But the raises they get each year is way to much compared to the rest of the hard working Canadians is out of line.We always say buy milk and milk products on sale in the stores and don,t buy them in the restauraunts.

Why are dairy farmers any harder-working, or any more-deserving, than store owners, restaurant owners, or even their customers?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

A lot of milk has been imported into Canada in recent years. How do consumers know whether this milk was produced to the same high standards that our milk is. For example ho many American farms have milk temperature recording systems like we are required to have?

I do think our milk board should be more accountable. How often have you seen our chairman or directors explaining the reasons for how they voted on things at meetings?

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