Canada-EU trade agreement restricts name use for food products

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So is everything in Canada is LIKE or IMITATION what a bunch of BS , leave it up to the Government to sell Canada out. First its cheese now whats next we will all be classified as none Canadian and have to get a family tree so we have to get a passport from that country. I think they don,t want any new manufacturing in Canada , bring it in like some SM bashers hinted they would like to see.

You are really underestimating the ability of Canadians. As stated in the article existing cheese makes are unaffected and new cheese makers will adapt to the name rules...of course with SM as it is now there will be no new cheese makers. That is the real challenge...making it possible for entrepreneurs to forge ahead in the midst of suffocating system like SM.

When I go to a fine cheese shop, I don't ask for Brie, I ask for Le Riopelle de l'Isle, and I am very willing to pay the price it demands. This should be looked at as an opportunity, not a hindrance.

Maybe the Duffy, Walin cabinet news channel is a good thing for Harper. No good news to be so proud of signing here.

Wonder if our maple leaf and associated products are safe? Maybe we will have to print like on our flag!

Seems every time a Canadian prime minister goes to Europe to negotiate a deal, he comes back with the equivalent of a rare tropical disease...Metric was another one of them not in step with the US that we are still paying for.

Are we exporting maple leaf cheese sounds like a good idea

NAFTA will not be worth the paper it was signed on once the US gets a deal done with the EU.

If NAFTA is going to be weakened in the event of any US/EU agreement, it's all the more reason for Canada to get serious about the Trans-Pacific trade talks, and if it means scuttling supply management, and allowing mozzarella cheese buyers to avoid the 87% hosing they're getting on the price now, and it will since New Zealand is adamant about it, so much the better for us all.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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