Canadian Retail Council jumps the gun on sow stalls says CPC official

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Let's hire Curtiss Littlejohn too educate these "do gooders" Curtiss really had it figured out when he wrote about " the vocal minority making the rules" . When dropping off hogs at local abbattoir to day there was a "professional" hog trucker unloading behind me and he stated that "PETA types" are now at the gates off Quality , Fearmens and Contestoga packers . If we are going to be controlled and regulated by PETA,other animal rights groups,grocers,Heinz,fast foods, ect. maybe its better too just decide not too have an animal ag sector in Canada because the true agendas of the animal rights groups are too have everyone stop eating meat....society has just too much good ,cheap food.....all the changes will never satisfy these groups,they use sow stalls now as that is the easiest "thing" to attack-kg kimball

I think it's time for people to be aware of what really goes on. I truthfully had no idea about these practices. I eat meat, and have respect for the animal that has died for me to eat. The thought of this inhumane, barbaric, evil, heartless act, is beyond disturbing. I now have a better understanding of why so many people are changing to a vegetarian lifestlye. I'm thankful for groups that make us aware of this. If things were done in different way, Peta and other organizations wouldn't have much to talk about, besides" don't eat meat". Thanks to information regarding chickens, and how horrible they are treated, I will only eat free range eggs. What farmers get all worried about is the mighty dollar. Maybe its time for farmers to show respect for these animals that put money in your bank accounts. Have a heart. Ever wonder if that was you? How would you like to be treated before you're slaughtered? Time to wake up and stop with the mid evil attitude. Shameful. really..

Uninformed, basing your decisions on what activist groups tell you - you are the ideal person these groups target. Go to a farm, understand that free range = 20000 birds in a barn, on the floor, that only go outside 5% of the time, breaking their bones more often and in pain more often from feather pecking and cannibalism, living in fear more often than those birds in cages. This doesnt even consider the extra disease free range birds have due to access to the outside, wild birds, stagnant water, more rodents, predators etc. I would prefer to live in a condo in Toronto where anything I need is at my doorstep than a slum or shanty town in a 3rd world country, competing for food and my survival, dealing with thugs and disease.
Visit a farm and see for yourself!

Would you not want to be free outside with the other birds and afraid of getting ate any moment or being pecked on? How do anyone really knows what a chicken wants , I know they are great tasting and I don,t want mine to be running free where they are like eating a rubber chicken. Peta wants to have them running free so nobody will want to eat them.

Shame on you if you have a pet .

The 98% of the population which isn't farmers is trying, through businesses like Tim Hortons, and others, to "educate" farmers, but farmers think that, at 2% of the population, they should, and can, "educate" consumers. Consumer attitudes, and tastes, change, often away from what we, in agriculture, believe they should be - we can either embrace these changes, or go broke resisting them. Ironically, when we complain about the vocal minority making the rules, we're simply getting a well-deserved taste of our own medicine because that's exactly how supply management is run - by the minority, for the minority. Why is it good when a vocal minority of farmers make the rules when it comes to supply management, but bad when a vocal minority of consumer groups does it to us?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Actually, I am informed, as many people are and that seems to be the problem with people like yourself. Your comments were beyond disturbing. Chickens in cages life a better life? crammed in, packed in,piled on top of eachother, broken bones, zero exercise. It's no wonder when you buy a chicken now adays its so fatty. Sorry organizations are blowing the whistle on these cruel tactics. As someone who has many relatives living on farms in Saskatchewan, I have seen the proper way in which one treats its livestock. We were always told growing up that these animals give their life for you, so you can enjoy bacon, hamburgers, a roast, or fried eggs, the least you can do is give them a good life no matter how short it is. Peta and other groups I appaud. Without them and these horrifying acts caught on tape, we would all be in the dark. Not to mention the work they do to protect domestic animals from abuse, etc puppy mills. Sorry you're in such denial. Instead of being part of the problem, why not try to be part of the solution? But again, that would take a heart and some compassion. Your comment regarding living in a "condo" in Toronto? How about a box or cage? You will never beable to justify trreating animals in the manner that has been brought to the worlds attention, no matter how mant tactics or scenarios you try to use. Somewhere in the heart of yourself you must know it's wrong. But, it's all about the money, I get it..

This individual, and probably millions more like him/her, does represent the way of the future, whether we like it, or not. Let's stop being patronizing and dismissive because it's not going to do us any good. The "market" is always right, and we ignore shifts and changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour at our own considerable risk.H

You really think that the consumer buys with their heart ? They think they are doing good buy saying much about what they want but the truth is that the consumer buys with their wallet and cheaper is better .

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