Cattle producers rally around new research funds

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Ontario cattle producers say any money for the troubled sector is good news but without the details, it’s hard to know how funding for a national research cluster will affect them


Six million on a 25 billion industry isn't much to get excited about. We need more quality beef in the super markets, aged 21 days with lots of marbling. Much of what I buy is tough and tasteless and a huge disappointment. Ultra high quality beef should be branded so that consumers can access what they like on a consistent basis. There is no meat like exceptional quality aged beef but it is hard to find. It isn't rocket science so start making it more available and get the crap beef off the shelves.

AAA rating means nothing when the standard is little but a lie.
We face questionable advertising by the supermarket chains such as
"tender and tastey" when in reality the ads should read "always tough, often tasteless". We buy little beef today because of its abysmal quality. It should be noted that chicken has become stringy and tough
while pork doesn't fare much better ! Is the meat industry fronting a plot to force us to be vegetarians ??

There is lots of hype about "grade AA or higher", "AAA or USDA choice",
"tender and tastey" and so it goes. Nonsense!! The beef is almost always tough and tasteless, in short, the advertising is far removed from the truth ! The most tender cut, the tenderloin, is of unacceptable quality !!
Of late, chicken is stringy and tough, pork fares little better.
What is going on ???
Perhaps we should force feed some of the inferior to such spokes persons as Galen Weston to demonstrate the inferior quality of what is being marketed!!!

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