Cattlemen anticipated change at embattled XL Foods plant

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‘We’ve known for the last month or so there may have to be some type of management or directional change,’ says Canadian Cattlemen’s Association president


Doesn,t surprise anyone that this big company was putting out unfit beef and the goverment knew and did nothing about it. They close down countless small slaughter houses and put the regulations on them yet the big giants can do anything they want until someone gets very sick or loses their life and then its time to put the hammer down.
We are all ran by this giants because they have big pockets and the rest of Canada doesn,t want to stand up and say we had enough of this being stepped on and make the goverment personal that let them get away with it is punished to the full extent of the law.

had paid a bit more attention to the plant's production methods, this recall might never have occurred.
Shame on the CFIA.

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