CFFO pork committee chair in; Ontario Pork out

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‘Representation of small to mid-size producers needed a boost’ says Kamenz


Open marketers 8 --- Producers 0

And here we go again. I think this is the representative count at the hijack committee now

When will we as producers wake up and see what the FPMC is doing here. The FPMC is so intent on pounding its chest and saying we are right and all the rest of you (except for the 100 producers who represent 85% of production who started this mess - that’s what they say, not my words) are wrong

Where is Minister Dombrowsky in all of this? Is she not charged as Minister of Agriculture with ensuring producers are heard and respected, (oh but then I forgot she appointed the chair of the commission) in a legal process

The chair of the commission is ignoring the tribunals stay and flaunting it in the face of the government. I lifted this quote from above, Geri Kamenz, the Commission’s chair, stated “….. we looked at making sure that the process had integrity moving forward.”

When I tell my dog to stay I expect him to stay put.

Elmer Buchanan has questioned the right of small producers to be heard at our county meeting, they do not represent the industry he says. I am a large producer and no one seems to be listening to me, the dual marketers do not like me as I do not support them, so who speaks for me.

Ontario Pork is respecting the rules of the process and kudos’s to them for doing it!!!!

The sooner this gets to the legal setting of the tribunal and the bullshit gets filtered out the sooner I suspect we will all get the truth.

Perhaps the FPMC is afraid they cannot defend their decision in a court that has legal rules of procedure instead of a trumped up hearing that had a pre determined outcome.

For Kamenz to somewhat dismissively describe Ontario Pork's actions, which were presumeably taken on advice of legal counsel, as simply "walking away" from the process, is horrifying, and completely similar to the type of irresponsible charges people make during highly-emotional divorce procedings. Nothing done on the advice of responsible legal counsel, should ever be described in this type of patronizing manner.

Ontario Pork is the only party acting with any sort of grace and dignity in this entire sordid process.

More to the point, given that Ontario Pork seems to have been given a legal opinion that continued participation in the OFPMC-mandated process might place it in contempt of the ruling of the Farm Products Appeal Tribunal, the next, and completely logical, step is for someone, even the Appeal Tribunal itself, to claim that the OFPMC is acting in contempt of the Order issued by the Appeal Tribunal.

Who the heck does Geri Kamenz think he is.

Many producers from day one of this farce with the HIAC have been saying that the only people represented on the HIAC are those who want to see our marketing system destroyed, and Geri just adds another open marketer. If that is his idea of balance, I need him to balance my books.

It appears that there are conflicting legal opinions around the issues of a stay. As Minister Dombrowsky has chosen to remain silent on the issue I hope the Tribunal has the courage to speak clearly and chastise the party in the wrong here.

We are told there are better ways to do things. We should form value chains. We should build co-ops. Just follow the link pasted here

to get the latest news on Meadowbrook, a producer owned co-op that has been touted by some, as a perfect model for how producers can work outside the system to better themselves. Very seldom in history have a few been more successful than the combined efforts of the many. Note the comments on how effective the Packer and Stockyards act is.

Some of the people who have led the charge to destroy an efficient marketing structure believe in the Meadowbrook management approach. They have led the FPMC down a path. They would see Ontario Pork, that has a near perfect record of seeing producers paid on time and correctly, destroyed, to save their owners a few pennies and hopefully postpone the inevitable.

It is stil not too late to stop this tom foolery, I can only hope the Tribunal is not just another lap dog for the few who want change to benefit themselves.

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