CFIA steps up breeding sheep and goat import restrictions

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Open letter to all sheep producers in Canada

Over and over during conversations with other farmers I hear comments like;
"Montana Jones has really damaged the sheep industry"
One can hear these kind of comments right across the Country.
Montana Jones as one should know by now is the shepherd who had been wrangling with the CFIA for many years to prevent the slaughter of her flock. Her problems started  when she questioned the scrapie positive  test results, which was the base of the entire drama. It ended with the destruction of very valuable heritage sheep and criminal charges against four people me included.
The day the sheep supposed to be killed by the CFIA they had disappeared but were found later several hundred kilometers away. Slaughtered shortly thereafter all sheep tested negative for scrapie to no ones surprise.
 For sure the sheep industry was in a state of disbelieve that someone actually would challenge and kidnap sheep which were placed under quarantine. 
The CFIA as well was in a state of shock that it's authority was challenged. That's why the law enforcement came down with full force and with full support of the Sheep industry to try to punish those who dare to challenge Policies.
This happened over three years ago. 
In the meantime we had countless days in court, 15 thousand pages of disclosure and most importantly a glimpse into how the Scrapie program is administered ,managed, executed and covered up.
No wonder the prosecution applied for  a publication ban after it became public via the National Post and several farm papers, that an internal memo raised valid doubts because of inconsistencies within the CFIA. 
Did Montana Jones sheep ever had scrapie???
Anybody who is making judgement without knowing the details about this case should take the time and attend the court proceedings.
Any organization involved in breeding, exporting or importing sheep should sit in or send somebody to take notes.
It would be an eyeopener for every one involved.
The preliminary inquiry is a showcase of incompetence and unaccountability at its best within all those bureaucrats involved.
If the CFIA would be a private company I doubt that the majority of those involved in the scrapie eradication program would be still working there.
A national inquiry into this case would be justified, at least it would clean up incompetence and internal corruption.
Too bad that the current ruling judge prevented a transparent court proceeding by supporting bureaucrats who then can shamelessly keep hiding and doctoring evidence.
Remember, before anybody passes judgment again on the Montana Sheep case,  wait until the CFIA ruins your life as well.  Too many still trust in agencies which are pretending to help and protect, but do nothing else than designing programs which fill their own pockets. 
Inform yourself first and attend court proceedings and then come down with your own judgment if you still trust Government.
The CFIA could play an important role in society but not without accountability.
What happened with the Montana Jones case is nothing else than creating the opposite then what is needed;  trust indie process.
When I got involved with the sheep drama I had some idea how convoluted and messed up bureaucrats can be. I never thought that it would be so baaad

Michael Schmidt

Court resumes December 8. In Oshawa

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