Charges dropped against horse owner

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Former Ontario SPCA agent didn’t show up to face owner’s complaint that searches were improper

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He has every right to sue OSPCA. The ones that are sitting at the end of his driveway should be charged and made to leave him alone or face jail time. The OSPCA and PETA has all kinds of money and think they can do what ever they like and get away with it.

I hope all donations as a result of this illegal seizure are turned over to the owner and he also sues. What price is fair for terroring a person? Shame!!! It seems like they are a private police force with no one overseeing their actions.

where can i donate fully support

This is typical of how the OSPCA has been operating. They confiscate a person's animals, citing the owner with animal abuse. The charges are either dropped or never pursued. The owner is then told they can have their animals back (assuming the animals are still alive) if the owner pays thousands of dollars in "boarding" fees.
If the OSPCA can't prove the charges against the owner, then why should the owner have to pay for boarding wrongfully confiscated pets or livestock? But the OSPCA continues to get away with what amounts to extortion because they have been given virtually unlimited powers by the McGuinty government. And McGuinty refuses to change things to make the OSPCA accountable for its actions.
Something to remember come voting day.
And please DO vote! I don't care who you vote for, just vote! It's too precious a right to squander.

Id does appear as though the SPCA is out of control. I used to support the organization until I realized the animal protection salaries were financed by donations- big seizures mean big donations. They have a vested interest in seizing animals. Check out the Revenue Canada site to see exactly where your donations are going.

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It is absolutely farcical that this organization can seize any animals at all. In the law and Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 11 d it states "to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to the law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal." No animals can be seized until it is actually proven that there has been negligence, cruelty or abuse. In many of the cases post 2003 the OSPCA has broken even their own goals of education and remediation before the draconian methods of seizure. They have no place in determining any type of agricultural and farm husbandry at all. They are a charity with more powers than the police. WRONG AND ILLEGAL!

They have the backing of the so call want to do good,they likely don,t think that alot of their money goes to paychecks. There is animals that do need to be protective from abuse and their is people that need to be protective from the ospca. As far as the big fines and taking the animals away why don,t they send a person or two out to the farm to work with and help show them how to take better care of them. That because they won,t get their big pay day.

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What about animal rights. Do they not have the right to food, water and shelter

The Ontario SPCA cannot just search the private property with out any court order. Totally illegal, even you have witness that can testify on court.

Any know if he sued? and what the out come was?

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