Coalition encouraged by Queens Park showing

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Provincial groups pushing for change in farm risk management seek urban support


same old BS spin as used for decades calling mpps

To feel encouraged is like being excited about seeing pony p**p under the Christmas tree and declaring Santa must have brought me a pony!

TORONTO papers on April 14th "nothing" - following the April 13th MEDIA blitz at Queen's Park (ANOTHER FAILED HOLLOW PROMISE). There was nothing in the paper - only a 'Jesus Day' at Queens Park - which I don't think related to OASC.(although the problem warrants divine intervention from somewhere) I also watched the Toronto Night News and saw nothing.

Imagine 300 rural people from the rural backwoods ... met in Stratford to tell urban people their problem and the TO media did not pick it up either! Maybe they were not invited like so many farmers when there was no notice in even the farm papers. Good planning by the "hired" facilitator.(read as, our own OASK group can not run their own meeting)

Well fear not, this strategy was such a success they are planning more of these informative secret meetings!

Like the shy boy in the dark dance hall winking at the pretty girl to get her attention ... works well! He still has no program and single too!

All these years same old basic leaders doing same old thing , we should not bet the farm on their getting success. A poor program would do more harm than good. They are going to have a hard time justifying themselves as good leaders if a no good program is brought forward. Their resignations will be justified

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