Committee postpones vote on GM alfalfa ban proposal

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Liberal ag critic Wayne Easter blames Conservative MPs for delay, claiming they disrupted the meeting to talk about procedural matters


Even though I'm an ag economist, I've baled a lot of hay, and I don't recall ever baling any alfalfa seed. Maybe NFU members bale fully-mature hay, but I don't, and I don't know anyone who does.

In addition, I don't understand, since the probablilty of producing viable seeds when alfalfa is cut in the bud stage would seem to be pretty-much zero, how residue on custom balers could possibly cause a problem to the crops of organic growers.

Half a bale of RR hay might not fit well with the feedstuff organic purity status of organic livestock farmers, but we've had enough experience with purging combines going from RR soys to IP soys to know that in the same way it doesn't take a whole lot of beans to purge a combine, it isn't going to take a lot of hay to purge a baler, especially when the seeds aren't viable in the first place.

Besides all that, if the organic farmer is going to cause a fuss, the previous farmer who used the baler is going to fall all over himself to get a bale, or two, of free hay the organic farmer doesn't want when it comes out of the baler - ergo, problem solved.

Could the NFU be fearmongering?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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