Complaints but no help from investors

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They’ve called to file their complaints. But as of today, not one of 17 former contract holders with Arlan Galbraith’s Pigeon King International Inc. (PKI) had supplied police with the paperwork records to support their concerns.


the fraud squad is a joke, they act like this came out of nowhere when people have been whispering in their ears for years from the farming community. Having said that Many members of the farming community have concluded that this venture was not valid and discouraged anyone who talked to them about it. If real farmers participated in this without doing extensive research within the poultry industry its their own fault and should not be compensated by the government

Like any fraud or abuse by the government; it is the liability of the government to carry out their job! Fraud is a criminal offence but they (the government) who do not enforce that section of the criminal code unless it suits their agenda or happens to be a potical hot potatoe.

As a victim of fraud myself, they, the police do not care about small guys like me. As a matter of fact Mr. Hogg's fraud dept. would not even take the time to take my complaint! His officer stated it was a civil matter and walked away; if that is the case then fraud should be removed from section 380 of the criminal code. Unless of course, like I said, when it suits the agenda of the government and their pay checks.

What a sorry state of affairs the Canadian justice system has come to. Wally Hog should return to fraud prevention school and retake the class on fraud identification. It might be one thing if Galbraith claimed that his Chinese squab market had dried up and profitable sales had turned south in recent months forcing the business closure. This might sound plausible and elicit Hogg's conjecture this is "an investment gone bad." Of course there would still be the question of the incredibly lopsided balance sheet with assets of around $46,000 and liabilities of over $23,000,000 that would raise suspicions and bring demands for an investigation.

But such is not the case. In fact, four states south of the border began their own investigations and concluded Galbraith's only market was a Ponzi style market. One which by it's very nature always falls with a disgraceful clap of thunder enriching early investors at the expense of late investors, who incur painful financial losses.

In fact, Wally Hogg should have begun the investigation and closure of Pigeon King International long ago when he first got wind from Galbraith's public interviews, PKI literature, and former employees that indeed there was NO existing market for the birds, and they were simply being RESOLD to unwary new investors. Pigeon King International fits to an exact description what every fraud prevention specialist should have been trained to watch for - A PONZI SCHEME!

Shame on Hogg's squad which allowed this to grow to 1000 investors and still is in denial of fraud!!

Maybe Wally Hogg is being paid off by Arlan Galbraith.

So maybe just maybe they are finally starting to take this thing seriously. Did the fraud branch ever hear of search warrants? Get the documents and get moving I say.

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