Conservative majority doesn’t faze farm groups

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Ontario's beef, veal and hog and horticulture farmers ask feds again for a program government already turned down


As long as RMP is considered to be an advance on AgriStability benefits, I'm going to keep advising my clients, particularly hog farmers, to avoid RMP like the plague.

What's the point of trying to convince government to fund RMP, and trying to convince farmers to sign up, when the numbers just don't work?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

We realize there needs to be some improvements to the original RMP program. We have listened to farmers through the life of the pilot and extention and are working towards some of those improvements in the permanent program. RMP has been and will be a voluntary program meaning every farmer gets to decide on their own if the program works for them or not.
If RMP is such a terrible program (as claimed by some) why do all of the other non-supply managed sectors want an RMP program all of a sudden. The G&O sector had a vision in 2003 to write their own program that they thought would work within their industry, although not perfect it was still better than any ad-hoc program that was offered at the time. The OASC committee is pursuing RMP for all sectors and has received support from its members (including hogs) to continue with a permanent RMP. It will be up to each farmers will decide if they want to participate or not.

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