Court upholds import permits for Greek yogurt maker

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Agro-Farma Canada Inc. will be allowed a 15-month reprieve to use U.S. milk to make its yogurt while it completes its production facility in Ontario


I have tried all the Canadian greek yogurts and none compare to Chobani .....keep up the good work and welcome to Canada.

Finally Canadian consumers will see some benefits from competition,even if the Quebecers dont like it.

Having Yogurt plant supply quota created after the processors knew this was happening is crooked.Whats next, pudding plant supply quota ,but wait there is none made in Canada.Maybe they should look at cottage cheese plant supply quota before another competitor comes along

This whole matter is completely-insane. Why should Canadian consumers, especialy poor ones, be forced to forever shoulder the burden of milk prices which were found to be 79% higher in Quebec than in New York State? Even more insane is that dairy farmers are worried that this import permit will "undercut" them in the short term, yet they are not concerned in the slightest that supply management, and its 237% tariff barriers, by definition, undercuts every other sector of agriculture in the long term. For the good of the farm community, and for the good of Canadian consumers, we can't get rid of the albatross of supply management soon enough.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

I was down south not to long ago and talking to people about egg prices that they pay 1$ a dozen in Michigan and 1.50$ in the lower midwest. The dairy prices was similar to Canada. So what is this pick on dairy days?

For some reason, chicken and egg farmers seem to realize that they're on the receiving end of a regressive consumption tax levied disproportionately on poor consumers, and they also seem to realize they've pitted farmers against one another by being able to do so - therefore, they tend to keep their "laundry" private. Dairy farmers, on the other hand, seem to have so little regard for either consumers or other farmers that they just don't care who they offend as long as the money keeps rolling in.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

There is hardly any egg producers out there and the ones that is there is huge.
The price of eggs in the stores is really sad and look at the price differents between Canada and the USA.

and the price of cars are sad in ontario. look at the price difference between ontario and usa for the exact same models.

look at the price difference of drugs and books.

Look at the price difference in farm chemicals . That there is a rip off . And then look at the fact of chemicals that can be used south of the border but not here .

Heard on the news today that shoppers in BC are crossing the border to shop for milk. The US residents are complaining about the Canadians. They have seen a whole shelf of milk empty out in no time, leaving them empty handed. Yea sure the prices are similar, that's why the Canadians are crossing the border right? Who do you think you're fooling?

You distorted the news. There is no mention of "milk" but organic foods are mentioned and the crowded parking lots of RVs.

I distorted nothing. My source was a talk show I was listening to while working in the barn. Your source is different than mine...which one is right? I have heard this from other sources too. A pallet of milk disapearing in no time. Sorry you don't agree with my sources.

Selling milk at a huge discount sure will get the shoppers into the store.

If the Costco was in Washington State, I'd be asking where the milk was produced. You know, free trade with Asia.

China developed genetically modified cows that produce milk which could substitute for human breast milk.

Yum, yum ;)

Not to mention gas is selling for $1.60 less a gallon.

I would go across just for the cheap gas.

A jug of milk at the Downtown Vancouver Costco is listed for $4.60, while the equivalent at the Bellingham Costco is $2.50. A 1,000-gram block of cheese is $13 in Vancouver but $4 cheaper in Bellingham. A 230-count case of Huggies diapers is $48.99 and about $10 cheaper south of the border.

The National ran a piece on this last night.
A pallet of 1 gallon jugs of milk was being attacked by a constant barrage of shoppers.
The containers were plasti-wrapped into groups of two.
They taped the trunk of a car and there were at least 8 or 10 jugs of milk along with 4 jerri cans of fuel - at least I assume it was fuel....

It was at a Costco in Washington state.

Prices are typically higher in Canada than in the United States. Little wonder - there is not a level playing field. Canadian businesses pay higher taxes, wages and land prices. We have more stringent quality standards, environmental standards and labour benefits. These all have benefits to society but they cost the business money. Canadian dairy farmers do not have subsidies from the government which U.S. dairy farmers have so Canadians pay only at the grocery store for their dairy products, not at the grocery store and through their taxes.

Newsflash. The taxpayer and the consumer are the same person. Whether money is taken from that person in the form of taxes or Government mandates, there is no difference. It comes from the same pocket.

Taxpayers and consumers are definitely NOT the same person, and there is a huge, and extremely-critical, difference between money government gives to producers raised from tax revenue, and money producers receive from the mandated usage of something. For example, corporations are not consumers, yet they are taxpayers, and quite significant taxpayers at that. In addition, consumption taxes, as manifested by tariff-based entities like supply management, are regressive (as well as always net-negative for jobs) because, as a percentage of their net incomes, poor consumers pay disproportionately the most, rich consumers pay disproportionately the least, and corporations pay nothing.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

we are so lucky in Canada that we have regulations against hormones and antibiotics in our yogurt and dairy, unless organic, from the U.S. not only will you get cheap yogurt and milk you'll be ingesting hormones and the harmful effects to your help from eating food where antibiotics were routinely used.

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