Crews steps down as OFA president

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Trenton horticulture producer commits more time to the family farm

Photo: Bette Jean Crews


RMP is no barn boomer success story and have we got value for 200 days a year wages?

Questions are would Stable Funding of OFA be cut off if an OFA president and board spoke up strongly and didnt always agree with OMAFRA.

We have to Guess it depends if the liberals or conservatives form the next provincial government if she gets a reward appointment position

Hopefully who ever becomes the new president will shake some things up. OFA is stagnant. It needs rejuvenation and revival.

The new president can also not be seen as being in bed with whatever party wins on Thursday. That has been a problem with the last couple of presidents. It undermines the credibility of the organization.

Absolutely OFA must work with the winning party, but have the courage to also push back if what it is OFA's membership is looking for is not being met. This can be done respectfully.

OFA needs to also work with the Opposition - very important - 'cause you never know when the Opposition becomes the party with the majority.

Time will tell whether BRMP will be as useful to the farmers as the current OFA president and the Liberals claim it is. Certainly some changes/tweaks need to occur.

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