Dairy farmers lose bid for exemption from quota transfer rules

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OK, let me see if Ive got this straight - in addition to a glimpse into the financial life of a not-so poverty-stricken immigrant family, the story reveals that the imputed price of quota for this deal was $32,000 which makes a mockery of the capped price of $25,000.

All of this speaks volumes about millionaires squabbling with millionaires, and all at the expense of consumers and non-supply managed farmers who are somehow supposed to swallow the nonsense that we farmers are all in it together.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

The word beuracracy has just taken on a whole new meaning. No wonder milk costs consumers so much...it's the consumer that ends up paying for all this...unless you can avoid dairy products.

So why don t these poor immigrants just sue everybody involved with this deal. I sold my farm to experienced Europeans who then decided they had been mislead and sued me for everything they didn t like.In this case a slippery real estate company was the guilty party and their insurance company covered the bill. Never take a realators word for anything,, that's my experience anyway. I did receive one personal apology from the broker though, but not the sales rep. Enjoy your day.

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