Dairy Farmers of Ontario raises administrative license fee

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As always when it comes to supply management, while the story says one thing, the story not told says completely another.

For example, while donating milk to food banks is always laudable, if farmers didn't gouge the milk pricing system at the farm gate, consumers would have just that much less need to obtain milk through food banks - therefore, when dairy farmers donate milk to food banks, they are, in effect, taking credit for "solving" a problem they, themselves, created.

Secondly, as usual and as always, supply management supporters turn a blind eye to the bushels of money the dairy industry receives from government, in this case the $23 million in combined federal and provincial grants announced for dairy research.

Thirdly, there is nary a mention of the basic economic truth that tariff based systems such as supply management are always net-negative for jobs and economic activity. Ag Minister Leal, therefore, continues the sad and sorry tradition seemingly incumbent on all ag ministers which is to forget and/or deny everything learned in Economics 101 - sigh!

Fourthly, while Ag Minister Leal pretends to fall all over himself to avoid an "incomplete approach", he very-much fell into an incomplete approach when he avoided any consideration of the huge sectoral and age divisions supply management has created in the farm community.

Finally, and again as always, Leal falls into the well-used logic trap which is to promote the fallacy that supply management somehow enhances food safety, sustainable practices and animal welfare - thereby inferring that food produced under the auspices of supply management is somehow better than the food produced by non-supply managed systems such as beef and pork.

And yet quota owners still can't understand why supply management is not well-liked and will not be missed.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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