Dairy industry revamp stalls

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milk prices should drop to 50 cents per liter to the farmer and a top of $150.00 per day per dairy farmer to paid for out of the fluid milk surcharge. Non profits (school lunch program, homeless shelter food banks should milk at 50 cents per liter)

The dairy industry should not be setting milk prices more than 10% more than U.S. milk prices. The gov should provide a Green Program limited to $10,000 per farm unit per year in income assistance. this would be cheaper than the current Quota system

Title is correct but missing comma to make sense of title, as well as picture of a stall is misleading since this is a policy issue.

Nothing could more-aptly portray:

(A) the current sorry state of the Canadian dairy industry
(B) the mindset of the people who run it

than a picture of a cow "lying down on the job".

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

A cow lying down is making milk. She is doing her job. Nothing sums up the strengths of our dairy industry like a cow calmly making milk with a full belly. Try again.

Nothing says "hitting a home-run" quite like somebody taking issue with the most-minute and least-relevant detail of something.

The above poster is obviously completely-unable to deal with the reality that the entire Canadian dairy industy, including this cow, is "lying-down on the job" and is lashing out in anonymous frustration at how aptly a cow at rest illustrates the inertia, the complacency and the smugness of the shameful-farce known as the Canadian dairy industry.

More to the point, anyone who, even for a moment, believes that a cow obviously lying down on the job represents the strengths of anything, particularly the Canadian dairy industry, is either dreaming in technicolour or smoking DFO press releases.

Thank you to the above anonymous poster for making it abundantly clear that I don't need to try again because I obviously "sank the battleship" the first time.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Very true but only a dairymen would understand that,certainly not an accountant!

The purpose of satire is to ridicule something in a way that makes;

(1) large numbers of people, in this case up to 33 million consumers, roar with laughter
(2) the completely-guilty few, in this case 12,000 owners of dairy quota, splutter with rage.

More to the point, the fact that dairy farmers are so completely out-of-touch with the rest of society that they see a cow at work rather than lying down on the job makes the satire just that much more appropriate and enjoyable.

Mission accomplished!

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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