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A summary of Better Farming's news coverage of legal action within Ontario’s egg industry


Did anyone see W5 last night about the abuse going on in the egg farming world? For one I don,t listen to any story that the person taking the videos is not shown or the name released . Second you look at the free range chickens and they always show a few chickens running around the green grass and we know that is a bunch of BS , where will you see someone with hundreds or thousands of chickens running around out in a pasture like that ( guess a free meal for all the foxes , hawk etc.) . Notice you never see the free range out side running around in the winter and then they never show them running around in the building free range in all the ( shit). I wonder why none of the egg board or the farmers doesn,t have the balls to stand up to the PETA people or animal activists. If I was a urban folk and seen that show I for one would not want to eat any eggs or chicken after that , get your act together .

I have heard time and time again that the worst thing agriculture can do is hide behind closed doors. Explain what you do, consumers are your customers and have the right to know and the right to not buy your product.
In this case, it looks like changes need to be made before they let the public see inside!

The general public does not understand Agriculture . The closest any get to knowing any thing about animals in from going to a zoo or seeing horses that the Metro Police use . They think that all animals are pets . They do not understand that many animals are working animals and can not be allowed to run free outside or in a house like the family dog .

Many working dogs can not be trusted around people who do not know them , understand them and respect them and what they could and will do . If you look at a K9 Police dog . Not all of them are taken to schools and such for show and tell . I once looked at a litter of pups who's mother was a trained biting take down dog . Asked if they thought the pups could be as aggressive as the mother . Guy said he could not say for sure . Training is one thing instinct is yet another . Needless to say I passed on getting a puppy there .

Public does not know enough about general agriculture to know what is best for the livestock . I am in no way saying that all farm animals are treated properly . There are some bad apples in every bushel .

I did see the part where the Professor from the University of Guelph noted that, at the initiative of Manitoba egg farmers, battery cages aren't used there anymore.

Get over it, get used to it - our customers are always right, even if they're not what we believe to be fully-informed.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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