Egg farmers’ quota exchange won’t include transfers within families

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about $300 per bird for the right to produce eggs. Anyone who buys and is able to pay this down has done so at the expense of the consumer. Something stinks like rotten eggs here-what do feed representatives have to do with quota transfers? Do we have 2 monopolies here? Raube Beuerman, Dublin, ON

What is there 2 or 3 egg producers in Ontario or should I say that owns 90% + of the quota. Seems most of the small guys produce eggs for the big guys. Tell me if I,m wrong. I support SM farmers but not when its only a few that run the whole show, or own a big piece of the pie. Let it open up so others can enjoy the money and have some competition out there. If there was no SM there would still be only a few because they would just lower the price that the small guy would lose even more than them and be out of business ,and they would still have the market corner. SM helps people out but if there is no limits on size it work against what it was original set up to do.

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