Farmers are eligible for electricity rate benefit

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The benefit provides some relief for Ontario’s farmers, say representatives from provincial general farm organizations. But one representative questions why the province hasn’t tackled time-of-use charges slated to take effect over the next several months

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they raised our rates 5% for the HST and 8% over that ... they are raising our delivery costs in jan to take into account the loss of the debt retirement charge ... they are raising (minimum) another 46% over the next 5 ...

and a 10% bribe is good news?

clean air act is forcing me to heat my home with wood to keep my costs down ... how's that clean for you?

-used to be fuel ,heat,electric wasn't a big $ item..on our little livestock-grain farm it amounted too over $60k....not sure how we can use $1,200 worth of energy a week and more troublesome as it increases how will we pay for it...k g kimball

Crews, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, says the electricity bill reduction is “good news.”

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OFA President Bette-Jean Crews claims it is "good news" when electricity rates decline - yet she also claimed it was good news when Ontario reversed itself last summer, and decided to allow more solar installations which pay people up to 80 cents to produce electricity which retails for a fraction of that.

I don't think the OFA has much reason to think a temporary reduction in prices is "good news", especially when the OFA's actions last summer, were a primary reason why solar, as well as wind and water power, are predicted to cause electricity prices to increase by over 23% in the next five years.

I'd far sooner give up next year's price decrease and put it, instead, towards helping me meet the 23% increase five years from now - an increase the OFA most-definitely helped create.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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